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How to Increase Subscriber Engagement with the Perfect Welcome Email

Before the days of the interwebs, when humanity was still shuttling paper missives to and fro on the backs of weary postal carriers… Smart marketers used a technique called a “stick letter.” A well-written stick letter would almost always boost profits, reduce refunds and increase customer satisfaction. This same approach works with email courses too—and […]

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What is the Best Time to Send an Email Blast?

Back when I was commuting into Pittsburgh every day, I used to hate Friday afternoons with a passion. I worked on the 57th floor of the tallest building in the city. And every Friday at 3 p.m. I’d wander over to the window and see the great weekend exodus already underway. There are many great […]

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How to Do Cold Email Outreach Without Looking Like A Spammer

Right now I’m getting harassed (virtually speaking) by this guy named Matt. Matt apparently created the best infographic EVAR about WordPress plugins. And he (or more likely, his virtual assistant) keeps spamming me to share it via the contact form on my site. So far I’ve just ignored the emails, but one more and I’ll […]

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