What is the Best Time to Send an Email Blast?

Back when I was commuting into Pittsburgh every day, I used to hate Friday afternoons with a passion.

I worked on the 57th floor of the tallest building in the city.

And every Friday at 3 p.m. I’d wander over to the window and see the great weekend exodus already underway.

There are many great things about Pittsburgh, but the road system is NOT one of them.

I live north of the city. And if you want to head north there’s basically just one major artery, and one major way to get ON to that artery.

Probably half the northbound commuters are trying to use this same onramp. The traffic backs up all the way into the city, and from about 3 p.m. on, the roads and intersections are just jammed.

I’d look out at that mess and just sigh, know that it might take me 1-2 hours just to get ON the highway, much less get home…

That snarled mess of traffic is always the first thing that comes to mind whenever someone asks me about the best time to send email blasts.

Because your subscriber’s can’t very well open your emails if they’re tied up in traffic.

The day of the week (and the time of day) you choose to send your emails can have a huge impact on the number of people who read and respond to your messages.

So what’s the “perfect” time to send an email blast?

Check out the video below, where I share what I’ve seen from my experiments in this:



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