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Gets the Style and Tone Exactly Right

josh_perryJosh Earl is one of the few people that I’ve ever trusted to ghostwrite for me. It’s a demanding job because I have a reputation in the marketing world as the guy who writes the best emails in the business. Josh is a very thorough researcher. He gets the style and tone exactly right. He is ideal for speaking to an audience that pays close attention.

—Perry Marshall, Google AdWords guru and author of the best-selling Definitive Guide to Google AdWords and 80/20 Sales & Marketing

Hire Josh Before He Doubles His Fees

Ben SettleJosh has been one of my email students for almost two years and he aggressively applies everything he’s taught. I’ve even interviewed him for my paid newsletter about how to generate big lists using contests.

In fact, when a friend was starting an ad agency the first copywriter I thought of for her to contact was Josh, and I have no doubt he’ll be a major player in the copywriting world.

If you’re thinking of hiring him I suggest doing it now, before he comes to his senses and doubles his fees (which I and others are encouraging him to do already).

—Ben Settle, World-Class Email Specialist and Direct Response Marketer

Josh Hooked Them In With The Story—

They Couldn’t Wait To Buy!

I just wanted to share with you some of the cool results and just the experience that I had working with Josh Earl on my “10 Steps To Learn Anything Quickly” course. I actually created this course about 2 years ago and I was giving it away free as a lead magnet. I wasn’t doing anything with the course essentially and it was always on my back burner of things that maybe someday I’ll look at.

I wanted to work with Josh because I kept hearing about all the results he was getting and I wanted to do something with him. I thought, okay, this might be a good thing to try, but I wasn’t sure. It was a fairly big investment at the time to hire Josh to work on this product that had been sitting dead for 2 years and how much money could I possibly make out of it.

Then I thought, well at the very worst case scenario, having Josh do the email, and relaunch this thing, and create a sales page for it, at least I’ll have some kind of a funnel, something that will be set up for the future and maybe I can make money from it eventually and it will worth just paying him to do that.

I wasn’t really expecting big results. I thought, “Maybe I’ll break even on what he’s charging me.” It’s kind of scary. Then I thought, “Okay, I’m going to just take the chance. I’m just going to do this. Worst case scenario, maybe, let’s say that I get half of my money back that I paid. Then it’ll still be worth it right?”

From the very beginning, working with Josh, I knew that we were going to have success. I felt it almost immediately because of the approach that he took. Because of how much information that he gathered about this.

When I saw the first draft of the sales page, I was just floored. I was amazed. I started actually raising what I expected to get out of this, and so we did the launch and Josh had everything cued up and then perfect.

I remember the first day, before the launch, he sent some emails ahead of time to prep people, get people psyched up. I mean, I send emails to my list all the time, but I never got the response that I got from Josh’s emails. It was crazy. People were, they were excited to buy, they wanted to know what the heck was going on. He had hooked them in with the story. I got all these replies back with people just saying about how excited they were and how they can’t wait to get the next email from me, and then for the product to launch whatever it was because I hit their pain and I was going to solve their problem.

That was when I knew that this was going to be amazing, and it was amazing. After the launch, when the cart opened, all of a sudden we got so many sales, it was crazy.

I basically expected to do, I was hoping to do maybe like $5,000 in sales and we hit $45,000 in 3 days which was just insane, ridiculous success that I never expected.

Remember before we did this launch I was hoping that I might break even or make half of my money back in paying Josh and to hit that level of success. It’s just amazing. Here’s the cool, most awesome thing about this, is that even today, now, I’m still getting sales. Just cold traffic that is going to the sales page is converting and I’m getting one or two sales a day.

It’s just amazing. Josh is a phenomenal guy to work with. I can’t recommend him highly enough. It’s amazing. Everything he touches turns to gold. Anyway, that’s been my experience with the 10 steps launch and I look forward to working with Josh in the future. If you’re looking for a good copywriter, I definitely recommend him.

—John Sonmez, Founder, SimpleProgrammer.com

Incredibly Creative AND Knows

How To Meet Deadlines…

I Couldn’t Recommend Josh More Highly

Josh Earl is not “normal.” I was his instructor for one of the best copywriting programs in the world, the Simple Writing System by John Carlton. And I’ve got to tell you, I’ve been on staff since that program started many years ago, and Josh has been exceedingly one of my best students. He’s incredibly deadline driven. He’s also got a very linear mind, so he thinks through every step of what needs to be done—plus he also is incredibly creative. His metaphors are amazing, and his copy came out fully formed. He is an incredible entrepreneur with an incredible mind. I couldn’t recommend him more highly!

—Lorrie Morgan, Founder of Red Hot Copy and Long-Time Instructor in John Carlton’s Famous Copywriter Bootcamp, The Simple Writing System

Our Audience Is Engaged—And Our Sales Are Fantastic!

We knew that email marketing was really important, but frankly, we were a little overwhelmed by the whole process. We got connected through a referral with Josh and right away, we were very impressed with his professionalism. I was really impressed with the amount of time he spent personally with me to get my background, to understand my story, so that he could then communicate that onto our sales pages, which are now really converting at a fantastic rate.

Runners are just like any other little niche thing out there, have their own little lexicon, their own verbiage, their own words, and when you’re outside the world, it doesn’t really make sense. I’m really impressed because Josh now speaks “runner.”

And all the work that he put into that, that’s been starting to come back for us in terms of more followers, higher engaged email audience, and the best part, more and more sales. In fact, I just woke up this morning, it is the first of the month, and bam, we already saw like six sales in the account, all off of our email list. If you decide to work with Josh, you will not be disappointed.

—Nate Helming, Co-Founder, The Run Experience

Impressive Emails That Leave Readers Craving More

This guy has really impressed me with his ability to solve complex sales issues, and swoop in like a copywriting Batman and fix bad copy. We all get too close to our work and need that extra set of eyes, and Josh is a pair of eyes that I really trust. His email copywriting is super impressive. He’s got the rare ability to pack in a lot of valuable information in a conversational tone, and—here’s the really magic part—make you want to read more. It’s a rare gift.

Kevin Rogers
Multi-Million Dollar Copywriter and Founder, CopyChief.com


Josh’s Advice Took Me From $0 to $85,634 In My First Year

john-sonmezWhen I first started trying to sell products online, I didn’t really have any idea what I was doing, but Josh kept telling me that email marketing was the way to go. I have to admit, was extremely skeptical. Would bugging people over email really result in sales? Seemed like a great way to really annoy people—if you ask me.

But, Josh’s persistence and results convinced me to give it a shot, and I followed his advice.

And where did that advice take me? From $0 of online sales to over $85,634 last year, and I’m just getting started! Thank you Josh!

John Sonmez
Founder, SimpleProgrammer.com


Sam SipleWorking with Josh Earl provided me with a resource to take complicated issues and concepts and convey them in a way that diverse audiences could comprehend. Josh isn’t just a skilled writer; he’s an effective communicator whose messaging can stir the hearts and minds of those he engages.

It’s a special talent who can take technical information and articulate it so that any reader can understand and take action on it–and Josh Earl has that unique finesse.

For example, when I served as VP for Advancement at Geneva College, Josh delved into the rather convoluted world of higher education finances, tuition and student aid, and produced an engaging article explaining of how it all works, and how donations play a vital role. I recall readers being so moved, it prompted increased scholarship donations.

Sam Siple
Director of Development, The Gideons International
Nashville, Tennessee


don-fritschOver the past eight years that Josh has been working with me on marketing residential real estate I have found him to be always very professional and personable as well.

Josh has consistently been very responsive to my (often unreasonable) deadlines and is willing to stretch to help me achieve the outstanding results I strive for. I have very much appreciated the way Josh is always on the lookout for solutions to the challenges he knows I face in my business.

I feel as though he is genuinely looking out for me. I thoroughly enjoy working with Josh and can honestly say that his work has become a central selling point for my service to my clients.

Don Fritsch
Associate Broker, Northwood Realty
Pine Township, Pennsylvania

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