Will Formulaic Emails Put Your Subscribers To Sleep?

In the Email Copywriting Workshop I launched last month (which is just wrapping up), student Ram queried:

If I keep on repeating the same structure, won’t my mails look very routinized and formulaic over time? Will people trust me with my stories any more?

Very valid concern.

In the workshop, I handed the students a hammer—ONE simple, flexible formula for writing emails.

And I encouraged them to (for now at least) look at every email they write as a “nail.”

The idea is to get really good at one approach to email writing.

Nail, meet hammer.

Wax on, wax off.

This is great for avoiding “analysis paralysis,” but Ram’s concern makes sense.

Won’t your readers get bored?

Well, here’s a true story about that:

A few weeks back I got a message from a confused software developer.

He’d signed up for one of my Simple Programmer email courses…

And he wanted to know why he wasn’t getting the lessons.

I dug into this guy’s history in Drip.

At first I was pretty confused too—from what I could see he should be getting the emails, but they weren’t going out.

Then I looked more closely…

Turns out this subscriber had actually signed up for this EXACT course less than 2 months ago.

He’d gotten all the emails, and even opened most of them.

(In fact the reason he wasn’t getting the lessons now is that Drip tries to be smart about not sending out repeat messages.)

Apparently he didn’t remember going through the course just a few weeks ago—and so he wound up signing up for it a second time.

Getting back to Ram’s concern:

Your subscribers are NOT analyzing, cataloging and hyper-scrutinizing every email you send them.

In most cases, they don’t remember the details of what you sent them last week.

And they may not even remember signing up for multi-week email sequences.

So relax.

Take a chill pill.

Don’t stress about repeating yourself once in a while.

Just have fun with your emails—get into a groove.

Hammer those nails for a while.

You’ll find your subscribers don’t mind in the least.