Worried Your Emails Will Annoy Your Subscribers? Read This…

A few weeks back my alarm went off as usual at 4:55 a.m.

And when I grabbed for my iPhone, I saw that I had a message waiting from Bryan Harris.

If you don’t know Bryan, he is THE MAN when it comes to building your email list. He’s created an excellent program called Get 10,000 Subscribers. The program is closed now but is due to open in October. You can join the waitlist here:


Anyway, Bryan was wondering about the conversion rates I typically see from the email courses I write.

So I texted him the info he was looking for.

And he texts me right back with more questions.

20 minutes go by. Text messages are flying back and forth.

Finally Bryan stops and says, what are we doing texting about all this stuff at 5 a.m. on a Saturday?

Yeah, I reply, and I’m supposed to be on vacation too!

Now the messages Bryan was sending me were pretty long (by SMS standards anyway).

And he was sending a LOT of them.

Did I find this annoying?

Of course not.

Bryan and I both enjoy geeking out over email marketing. I could talk shop about list building and copywriting strategies for hours. And I can assure you, there are NOT many people who share our level of interest in the topic.

One of the most common fears I hear from would-be email marketers is:

I’m afraid to email my list because I don’t want to be annoying.”

When you approach email the right way, that fear is groundless.

The key is to write your emails in such a way that you’re always talking about your subscribers’ passions.

You and your subscribers share a common interest—and chances are it’s something that no one else around them cares about.

Far from being “bothered” by your emails, they’ll welcome them, and even look forward to hearing from you again.

And your shared geekery will form the basis of a lasting (and profitable) relationship.