I Massively Unsubscribed From Email Lists; Here’s What Happened Next

Back in August I did a “digital purge”:

– I massively unsubscribed from email lists and email notifications that weren’t providing consistent value—nearly 150 subscriptions in all.

– I cut social media out of my life almost completely.

– I slashed my consumption of “news” to next to nothing.

– I stopped listening to almost all podcasts.

– I stopped following most blogs.

This was all part of a challenge created by my marketing and business mentor Perry Marshall called “30 Day Reboot.”

I signed up for Reboot because I felt like my attention was too fragmented.

Many times I’d wind down for the evening feeling like the day had slipped through my fingers…

Like I’d only accomplished a fraction of what I *should* have gotten done.

My hope with Perry’s 30 day program was to get back my FOCUS.

So what happened?

Well jumping into this program was like quitting my “digital caffeine” cold turkey.

Initially I felt serious withdrawal symptoms—but after a few days, my thinking was clearer. I wasn’t getting sucked into crises and social media drama.

Without the constant stimulation, I started to get… bored.

I spend that new quiet time thinking, reading, reflecting.

And that generated ACTION.

During the 30 days of the challenge I:

– Planned and launched my Six Figure Email Courses product, which has since generated $8,631 in revenue while giving me the confidence to launch a larger email copywriting workshop (another $10,316 in revenue).

– Finally buckled down on creating a Simple Programmer email course that I’d been procrastinating on. Since then 3,681 subscribers have taken the course and it’s generated tens of thousands of dollars in sales for the company.

– Started a serious fitness program of gymnastics strength training, which I’ve stuck with and is making drastic improvements in my overall quality of life.

– Got motivated to dejunk my PHYSICAL life too. Had a personal breakthrough that helped me “let go” of piles of stuff that I’m not using. Sold more than $3,000 of items I don’t need and gave other stuff away.

There’s more—I’ve continued most of the habits that I developed in 30 Day Reboot, and every week something new shakes out.

Of all the book and courses I worked through in 2016, 30 Day Reboot had the biggest impact.


I mention all this now because Perry is relaunching 30 Day Reboot.

The next “digital detox” starts February 1.

To get onboard, go here and take the quiz:


P.S. YES, that’s an affiliate link. I get a commission if you wind up enrolling in 30 Day Reboot.

If you’ve been on my list for a while, you’ll know that I only promote a handful of books and courses—the top 5% that I’ve benefitted from the most.

My standard for what I promote is:

Would I be willing to sit down over coffee and spend 30 minutes to convince my best friend that he HAD to try this?

30 Day Reboot meets that criteria.

Get started here: