How To Unlock Your Customer’s Wallet With Email Courses

When I was 9 or 10, I went through a “lock phase.”

I had a little collection of locks—combination locks, bike locks, even an old deadbolt lock off a door.

(Seem weird? This is nothing. I was a strange kid.)

Naturally I had a whole wad of keys, too. Skeleton keys, steel keys, house keys… Most of them were completely useless—the locks they opened were long since lost or forgotten. But a few of them went with the locks I’d hoarded.

I used to love to mess around with those lock-and-key sets. I still remember the satisfying “snick” sound my favorite lock (a solid little padlock from MasterLock with a satisfying heft to it) made when you’d turn the small steel key that went with it…

Your subscriber’s wallet has a lock on it.

And making the sale is just a matter of finding the right key, by addressing the specific problem that they’re most desperate to solve.

This is why I’m such a big proponent of email marketing in general—and email courses in particular.

When someone visits a website or sales page, you have ONE shot to find the right key for their specific lock.

Trouble is, there isn’t one key that works for all of your prospective customers.

Instead there are 17 different keys, each of which works for a small sliver of your audience.

(When you hear about a “high-converting” sales page, what’s really going on is, the page resonated with two or three of the bigger segments in the audience.)

With your email list, it’s like you have a fistful of 17 different keys—each representing a different problem that your subscriber might have.

And you have the luxury of time to sit there and try each key in turn.

This is true of individual emails, and it’s true of email courses too.

What I like to do is create multiple email courses, each pitching the same product from multiple angles.

No one angle is right for everyone—and that’s perfectly fine.

Just try the next key, and the next.

Then, after a little time and patience, you hear that magical “snick”—and a door opens to a deeper relationship with your new customer.