How to ‘Pre-Sell’ Your Customers with the ‘Common Mistakes’ Email Course Template

Yesterday I shared my “A2E formula” for email courses:

You attract your subscribers with the benefits of ENLIGHTENMENT…

You keep them engaged with ENTERTAINMENT…

And you close the sale with AGITATION.

Every email in your course should contain the three elements in this formula, starting from the very first day.

Here’s what that looks like…

When a software developer subscribes to my 5 Learning Mistakes email course, I immediately send them my “day 0” email.

This email is NOT the first “lesson” or installment—it’s more like a welcome message whose purpose is to set up the rest of the course.

The email opens with a story about a newbie software developer who just started his first job, and he’s DROWNING—completely overwhelmed by everything he has to learn.

Then I “zoom out” and show how this poor guy’s struggles highlight the real problem: Technology is changing so fast that it’s impossible to keep up.

Your only defense in this mad, mad world is honing your ability to master new knowledge quickly.

I close by saying that most developers only THINK they’re good at learning—when they’re actually making a whole slew of mistakes. And learning is much easier when you avoid those mistakes…

Right out of the gate I’m using the A2E Formula to set up the central “theme” of this course:

You think you’re good at learning—so did I. But I was wrong. And you wouldn’t believe the consequences…

I’m providing entertainment with a relatable story.

I’m educating by showing how a belief they hold is mistaken.

I’m agitating by illustrating the consequences of that mistaken belief.

Then each of the emails follows the same basic template:

– Tell a story that hints at the “mistake”…

– Call out the mistake directly…

– Show the consequences as vividly as possible…

I call this my “Common Mistakes” email course template.

And it’s highly effective because with each email you’re showing the reader just how deep of a hole she’s dug for herself.

When you do this right, she’s going to look up and see the tiny sliver of sky at the top of the pit she’s standing in, and start to wonder…

Hey, I wonder if there’s a ladder around here somewhere?

And at that point, how hard do you think it’ll be to “sell” her on buying your ladder?

This whole “selling” thing really trips a lot of entrepreneurs up.

Tomorrow I’ll share exactly how to introduce your product—and the right time to “go for the sale.”

The timing is important here. Too soon and you come off as obnoxious and pushy… Too late and you miss out on happy customers.

Stay tuned!