Hacking up a lung (while the cash register rings)

That cold I got Thanksgiving weekend knocked me flat on my back.

I spent the better part of a week on the couch, slurping down popsicles, guzzling Nyquil and bing-watching “24: Live Another Day.” (Which was AWESOME, by the way. Definitely the best season since 1-2 aired. Almost made getting sick worth it…)

Anyway, I was down, but not out.

Before that nasty virus sunk it’s tentacles into my lungs, I managed to get my Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale emails and tweets scheduled.

And once I had those ready to go, the entire sale could run without me.

Which is a good thing, because for most of the weekend I was pretty preoccupied trying to breathe without launching into a coughing fit…

But while I recuperated, the emails went out and the sales came in.

It was like that dream of making money in your sleep, only without the sleep part.

In my next few emails I’m going to share more details about the results and lessons learned from the sale, but here’s the important thing right now:

Creating a business is a LOT of work. That’s even true of a side business like I’m talking about here.

You have to create something that people want to buy… Then you have to learn how to get in front of potential customers and convince them to buy.

But when you succeed, you have an asset that can throw off money for you almost at will.

Unexpected bill just showed up?

“Need” a new iPhone?

Want a few extra $ to pay down those credit card balances?

No problem—

Just turn the crank on your little black box, and out pops a pile of new sales.

Like I said, there’s no magic to creating this.

You have to want it.

You have to WORK for it.

And you have to tap into the resources at your disposal that can help you pick out a clear path to success…

While avoiding the traps that derail most would-be entrepreneurs.

I can help you there.

My coaching program is just about ready.

Contact me and I’ll keep you in the loop.