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Want To Master Email Copywriting? Start Here…

This weekend I had REALLY humbling experience. Here’s what happened: As part of my recommitted to physical fitness, I recently enrolled in this intense program designed to build strength through gymnastics training. My goal someday is to be able to perform impressive moves like the Iron Cross, handstand pushups and one-arm pullups. One of these […]

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How P90X made me fat—then helped me get lean

Mine isn’t the typical P90X results story. It started off normally—at least judging by the “before” photos that I dutifully snapped. The photos confirmed what I already knew: I was a skinny, inactive programmer with a slowly expanding waistline. But I was going to change all that. I’d never done anything as intense as P90X, […]

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My $47 collapsible standing desk

I’ve wanted a standing desk ever since I first read about the idea three or four years ago. But even though the health benefits seem clear, it takes a special kind of guy to stand tall amongst an acre of of low-walled cubicles. That guy I am not, and during my corporate career I stowed […]

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