Want To Master Email Copywriting? Start Here…

This weekend I had REALLY humbling experience.

Here’s what happened:

As part of my recommitted to physical fitness, I recently enrolled in this intense program designed to build strength through gymnastics training.

My goal someday is to be able to perform impressive moves like the Iron Cross, handstand pushups and one-arm pullups.

One of these moves I’m working toward is called a “hollow back press.”

You can picture it like starting from a pushup position, then slowly and carefully pressing your body up into a handstand, without kicking your legs or using any momentum.

How hard can that be, really? After all this 9-year-old can do it:

Well, I’m a long way from that point.

In fact, this program includes something like 24 different steps to work through while I gradually build up my strength.

The idea is that each step builds on the next, and as you master the basics you build a firm foundation for more advanced skills.

Right now I’m on… step 2.

Plain ol’ vanilla pushups.

Now if there’s one exercise that I should have mastered by now, it’s pushups.

I’ve done thousands of pushups in my life, between gym class, wrestling, 3 years of karate lessons, and my on-again, off-again efforts to get strong…

Which brings me to this weekend.

I’ve been working on my pushups lately for this program, and I submitted a video of myself to the team coaches so they could check my form.

I was pretty confident that they’d just give me a big thumbs up…

So imagine my shock when the coach spun me around kicked me squarely in the backside.

Turns out I had two MAJOR flaws in my form.

These two small flaws were undermining all the hard work I was putting into improving my pushup strength.

And if I don’t corrected them now, I’d continued merrily on my way to more advanced moves—only to slam into a brick wall later on.

I’d be stuck and frustrated… and I’d have no idea why.

This “reality check” was humbling.

But now I have the opportunity to take a step back and refocus on the basics.

Whether it’s gymnastics or email marketing, mastering the basics ALWAYS pays off.

The secret to writing emails that engage your audience (and make sales) isn’t studying up on all the advanced tricks you can do with your email software…

Or nailing the perfect setup for your “funnel”…

Or weaving NLP “commands” into your copy to cast a spell over your readers.

The key to making more sales, more consistently lies in the “basic” skills.

Like understanding what your audience WANTS to read about so they look forward to each and every email you send…

And knowing how to mine your life and experience for good stories so you never draw a blank when you sit down to write…

Then seeing exactly how to connect the stories you tell to your product—so naturally and effortlessly that it doesn’t even seem like you’re pitching.

With these skills under your belt, you never run out of ideas for emails.

And you’ll never lack for customers, either.

In the email copywriting workshop I’m leading in just a couple of weeks, you’ll get the chance to master these critical skills.

You’ll build a rock-hard base of storytelling “muscle.”

You’ll limber up those creaky, stiff sales pitches until they’re flowing smoothly.

And all the while I’ll be standing by, your own personal coach and guide who’ll keep you progressing in the right direction.

Registration opens soon.

Contact me and I’ll add your name to the early invitation list.