How Do You “Build A Relationship” With Your Email Subscribers?

So you know you’re supposed to build a relationship with your email list, right?

But what does that even *mean*?

How do you “build a relationship” with a faceless group of database entities in some email software off in the cloud somewhere?


You don’t.

You can’t.

You can only build relationships with *individuals*.

Subscriber Dana recently wrote:

I get tons of emails each day. But I have to admit, I’m beginning to look for your name and open your email specifically. You have successfully hypnotize me. 🙂 Haha.

Anyways, here’s a followup question. I’m not at a point where I get tons of traffic or email complaints…yet…

But do you actually reply to every SINGLE email that you get? Just curious.

Thanks and keep up the great emails! I’m still amazed at how you regularly keep on cranking out useful tidbits.

It’s shocking how many people *don’t* reply when their subscribers reach out to them.

The people who reply to your email are your superfans—the top 1% who love what you’re doing the most (and are most likely to want to do business with you.)

I love interacting with my subscribers, and I make an effort to respond to just about every single email I receive.

Sometimes it takes me 2 weeks to get to them, but I always try.

Wondering how to build a “relationship” with your list?

Start here.