The Noob Mistake That ‘Kneecaps’ Your Email Marketing

Recently a subscriber asked for my feedback on an email he’d written.

The email caught my attention instantly with the first few lines.

He was telling a story that I could relate to, and I was eager to see where he was leading me.

But a few short paragraphs later, my eyes glazed over.

I was so confused and bored I could barely force myself to finish the email.

Unfortunately the writer had already sent the email to his list, which no doubt cost him some sales…

What was this interest-killing, sales-murdering mistake?

And how do you avoid it?

I talked all about it in an interview I did a few weeks back on The Freelance Show podcast.

I also laid out the 80/20, bare-bones version of what to include in your first email course, and a simple technique I use to get readers going nuts waiting for the next “hit” to land in their inbox…

This interview is packed with good stuff—I’m told it’s easily the best I’ve given so far.

Click here to listen now: