The “idiot” that proved Steve Jobs wrong

Twenty years ago, the Internet was a very different place.

If you wanted to “go online,” you’d plug a phone cable into your computer, then sit there listening to the busy signal as you dialed up your local AOL number over and over…

(I’d get giddy when I finally heard R2D2 pick up on the other end… Yay! “You’ve got mail.”)

Back then, the Internet was a novelty. NOBODY believed that you could sell stuff or run a business online.

But there was a rag-tag little group of visionaries that saw things differently.

These entrepreneurs were treated like the village idiots. Legend has it even luminaries like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs scoffed at their attempts to harness the “World Wide Web” for business.

These pioneers kept hammering away at it, though. They discovered how to use advertising to get traffic to their sites… Then capture contact information… Then forge relationships and trust with their growing email lists… And finally, make and sell the products that their market was dying to have.

They literally changed the way the world does business.

One of the “lead idiots” was a marketer and copywriter named Ken McCarthy. Ken took his years of marketing experience in the offline world and figured out how to apply those same timeless principles to the Internet.

And then he trained others how to do the same thing. Most of the “big guns” in online direct marketing got their start from Ken. Guys like Perry Marshall, Jeff Walker and Yanik Silver owe a lot of their early success to Ken’s teaching.

He’s a lion in the industry.

Here’s why I’m bringing all this up:

One of Ken’s good friends recently passed away, SEO guru [Mike Marshall]. So Ken decided to come out of retirement to teach an all-online version of his famous System Seminar.

This seminar was one of the first Internet marketing seminars in existence, and marketers paid thousands of dollars to learn from the world-class experts Ken would assemble.

But you can attend for free.

This is NOT a pitch-fest. The experts you’ll hear from will share their top secrets—no holding back.

What’s the catch?

Just this: The event is a fundraiser, and Ken will ask for donations in Mike’s memory. The donations are 100% optional, and you don’t have to contribute a cent if you don’t want to.

This is an amazing opportunity to learn from the best minds in online marketing.

I’ll be there for sure, and I know you’ll benefit as well.

Want in? There’s still time, but you’ll have to act now. The seminar starts tomorrow, Nov. 5.

Go here for details:

I’ll see you there!

P.S. I’m not making anything from promoting this seminar. Ken is putting it on as a fundraiser to honor a dear friend that recently passed away. Nothing will be sold at the event, but he will encourage everyone to consider making an entirely OPTIONAL donation.