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Should You Ask Permission Before Pitching Your Product?

My longtime buddy and fellow Entreprogrammers mastermind member Derick Bailey of WatchMeCode.net recently launched a new product. The video series shows JavaScript developers how they can experiment with all the hot new features coming to their favorite programming language—without screwing up the projects they’re working on for the Big Bossman. To sell this product, he […]

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How Much Email Is ‘Too Much’ for Your Subscribers?

The other day I got this email from a subscriber named Galit that made me laugh: I am loving this series! I’m curious, though, the first few emails seemed to be about an email course then this one is about running a giveaway. If these are, by chance, two different drips, is there a way […]

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3 Ideas for Quickly Creating Your First Email Autoresponder

Subscriber Jason is rapidly building an audience in a hot niche: Programming for virtual reality. His email list is growing fast—and now he has a problem. He writes: I’ve been trying to follow your advice and blogging pretty consistently as well as doing some promotion for the site. Daily unique user count has gone up […]

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