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Why I Don’t Do ‘Autoresponder’ Emails

Another question from last week’s multi-email “half-marathon”: Josh – is this email part of a campaign or do you write broadcasts? Also, do you batch write your daily emails? Or write daily? I get this one a LOT, often from subscribers who’d written in with questions and were excited that I’d answered them “on the […]

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How Far Apart Should I Space My Autoresponder Emails?

In chemistry there’s a concept called a “half-life.” From what I understand, the half-life is the amount of time that it takes for radioactive material to decay to the point where it’s giving off half as much radiation as it did on day 1. This happens at a very steady, predictable rate. Well, emails have […]

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The X-Files Secret for Must-Read Autoresponder Sequences

Should you try to connect all of the emails in an autoresponder sequence together? Or is it OK to build a “sequence” of one-off emails that don’t interrelate? That topic popped up a few days ago in a private forum I belong to. Both approaches *can* work, but in my experience one is clearly better. […]

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