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How to Deal with ‘Bad Leads’

A copywriter-friend of mine recently expressed her frustration at the number of “bottom of the barrel” leads she tends to get— People who have never worked with a copywriter before, don’t understand copy, don’t have any real sense of urgency about getting started, won’t return emails… Yuck. She was considering upping the bar and telling […]

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Should You Ignore Complaints From Your Email Subscribers?

Last week I did a little 3-day affiliate push for my new digital product sales weapon of choice, Coach. After email #2 went out, I got my hand slapped by a subscriber I’ll call “Jeremy”: Consecutive emails shilling for Coach is a bit heavy handed, IMO. Otherwise, I’ve loved your daily notes. My reply: Thanks […]

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Do You Need Your Own Product To Start Mailing Your Email List?

There’s this product I’m *dying* to sell to the list over at Simple Programmer. It’s a course about how to survive the brutality of the “technical interviews” used by many companies to hire software developers. These “coding interviews” are unique to the software development world—and they tend to blindside a lot of new developers. Basically […]

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