From Reluctant Marketer to Confident Copywriter

This is a story about my longtime buddy Derick.

Like me, Derick is a software developer and entrepreneur.

He runs a website called WatchMeCode, where he sells screencasts about software development.

There’s something you should know about Derick:

He is without a doubt the most RELUCTANT marketer I’ve ever met.

When I first got to know him, he swore he HATED marketing.

He hated TALKING about it.

He hated DOING it.

He even hated the mention of the mere WORD.

As a developer, Derick liked rules and order.

Software development isn’t exactly easy, but it’s *logical*.

Computers do what you tell them to. They follow the rules you lay out in your code. They make sense.

Marketing on the other hand made NO sense to Derick.

It seemed like a jumbled mess of disconnected ideas, tactics, and “tricks.”

And success seemed completely random—sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.

Over time Derick grew to hate marketing less.

He came to grips with the fact that even good products don’t sell themselves.

He started growing his email list, sending more emails, and building some automated email courses.

Even after all that work, he often still felt lost. Marketing still seemed so *fragmented*, and sometimes his frustration would come spilling out when we’d talk.

Then last December Derick made a decision.

For several years he’d listened to me rave about a copywriting course I’d taken called CopyHour.

CopyHour launched me into copywriting, and I still consider it to be the single best investment I’ve made in my marketing education.

This was a big decision for Derick.

The course is NOT cheap (although it’s much less expensive than many other marketing courses I’ve taken).

The financial cost pales in comparison to the investment in TIME though.

CopyHour takes a minimum of 1-2 hours per day if you’re really going to get full benefit from the course.

Derick decided to go for it anyway.

He signed up for the Winter class, which started in January.

For the past 90-ish days he’s faithfully followed the program and done the work.

And it shows.

In the last 3 months, Derick has transformed from a struggling, reluctant marketer into an excellent copywriter…

To the point where his fellow entrepreneurs are now turning to him for advice on THEIR marketing.

I’ll confess I’ve *really* enjoyed watching this unfold.

What I’ve enjoyed even more is seeing Derick finally “get it” when it comes to the big picture with his marketing.

It was like a light switch flipped.

And suddenly instead of everything looking like a blur to him, he can size up a marketing project and “read the stitches on the fastball.”

He knows what questions to ask and exactly how to approach a product launch or new promotion.

He no longer struggles with what to say, and he has more confidence in his decisions.

Now when he asks for my feedback on his writing, many times I don’t have much to add other than “great work”!

If you want to write more persuasive copy, CopyHour is the best program out there in my book.

It’s more than “just” a copywriting program though.

Through CopyHour you’ll develop an instinctual understanding of marketing that will carry over into every facet of your business—from what products to create to what email to send tomorrow.

CopyHour only opens up 4 times per year.

The spring class is enrolling *now*.

You in?

Details here: