Do You Have To Be A Copywriter To Write Emails That Make Sales?

Recently I found myself engrossed in some of the most gripping email copy I’ve seen in a while—so good I couldn’t stop reading.

This particular email told the story of a young software developer who realized that his employer was REALLY working him over…

Even though he was highly skilled at his job, he was working for just above minimum wage.

The ugly twist was, his “employer” was actually his family.

When he went to his family and asked for a raise, they basically laughed in his face, told him he wasn’t worth the extra money.

He left the meeting frustrated and dejected…

His story didn’t end there though.

He realized they were all wrong—he DID deserve the raise he wanted, and he put a plan in place that would give him the bargaining power he needed to arm wrestle his family into bumping up his salary.

And then he executed the plan, and within a few months he had tripled his salary—AND gained a new level of respect from his family.

Such a great inspirational story.

Just slap a call to action on there and it’s a pitch-perfect sales email for one of the career-building products my business partner and I offer at Simple Programmer.

What really struck me about this email though was this:

Everything about the email…

The way the story unfolded…

The sentence structure…

The use of pacing and “foreshadowing”…

It reminded me of the emails I write for Simple Programmer.

Here’s the surprising part:

The writer was NOT a trained copywriter.

In fact, he’s “just” a typical software developer, and as a Dutchman, I’m pretty sure that English isn’t even his first language.

Yet he was able to craft an arresting, entertaining email that could sell almost as effectively as anything I could write myself.

There’s a natural groove to writing stories and emails that sell.

And when you’re telling your own story (and not self-conscious about it), creating an email that can sell is NOT a struggle.

The trick comes when you try applying these skills that you probably already have to your business.

When you do that, your brain locks up…

You grind, you edit, you spin your wheels…

And the emails that result (if you even get that far) seem flat, dry, uninteresting…

Heck even YOU wouldn’t want to read them—so how can you expect your subscribers to enjoy them?

Let’s do something about that, shall we?

Starting October 19 I’m leading a four-week email writing workshop for a small group of motivated entrepreneurs and marketers.

The focus of this workshop is removing the blocks that are preventing you from creating *engaging* emails that persuade—the kind of emails that are the building blocks of an effective email course or autoresponder sequence.

You’ll overcome any hesitations or self-consciousness that keep you from emailing your list.

And you’ll hone your storytelling instincts so that you never again stare at your screen thinking, “I should send my list an email—but I have NO idea what to say!?!”

Since the group size is so small, you’ll have the chance to get 1:1 attention and feedback from me to help you through any sticking points.

I’ll share more details about this workshop over the next few days.

For right now, I just want to mention that I expect this workshop will sell out.

If you want in, I’d recommend getting on the early invitation list.

Just contact me, and I’ll make sure you have a chance to grab your seat before the doors officially open.