Persist or desist?

How long should you keep following up?

Consider this:

A former coaching student of mine had an email sequence he’d written to follow up with leads who were interested in bad-credit auto financing.

Last time we talked about, his sequence had grown to 150+ messages.

Every time he tacked a message on the end, he’d get a couple more responses.

And this:

Recently I heard from a B2B outreach email specialist that he still gets replies after the email number 12.

The common explanation for why this happens is that your persistence finally wears ‘em down.

That does happen.

More often though people’s priorities shift.

Maybe you apply for auto financing one day, then your wife has a medical scare that causes you to push pause on the whole thing.

149 days later, you’re out of crisis mode and realize that you still need a new car.

Or you ignore a bunch of emails from a guy offering to build you an app for your business, and then you hear a podcast about someone who’s getting tons of new customers via the App Store.

Whether the trigger is your emails, or something external, you want to be there when the magic happens.

So keep showing up.