Newbie “hack” for spellbinding copy

A funny thing happens when you sit down to write.

It’s like that old classic horror story, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

You can be the warmest, wittiest, life-of-the-party person in real life, but when you write, you transform into someone else.

Stilted. Formal. BORING.

And “boring” is DEATH in copywriting.

The problem is this:

You get so hung up on “following the rules” that you forget that good writing isn’t much different than talking.

One of the easiest ways to bust out of this straightjacket is to tell a story.

Just start writing it exactly the way you would tell it to a friend over coffee.

Telling a story can be the most natural thing in the world, and it makes GREAT copy for your advertising.

Just check out this Yelp review I read while doing some research on mortgage brokers:


Ever get that dreaded call that your land lords are selling the property you have been living in for years, the place you call home? Well that happened to me. My first thought was “I don’t want to move again!” so I thought I would ask if I could purchase it from them. They said yes! Woohoo right? Nope! I was turned down by 2-3 different lenders because of my credit. I was absolutely heart broken. While speaking to my father about the situation he told me to “call Scott RIGHT NOW!” and literally hung up on me. So I did, best advise my father has ever given to me!

Right off the bat Scott was sure that he could help me and he put my mind at ease. He told me about what was wrong with my credit and how to fix it. I did exactly what he said, he did a rapid re-score on my credit, and within days, I said it DAYS, (just as he had promised me) I was pre-qualified for my first ever home loan. I was ecstatic, overwhelmed with emotions, but overall very optimistic! I knew that there were still things that could happen, reasons why I might not be funded, but Scott was right there the entire way. He answered every question I threw at him, my concerns, worries etc. I called him all of the time, multiple times a day (I was a complete stress case), and never did I feel like I was pestering him. He was always so friendly and very reassuring. Scott was very straightforward as well and didn’t beat around the bush. I knew it was going to be a rocky road for me with the way my credit history was, but Scott is a miracle worker and I could not be more appreciative of his services and expertise.

My loan just closed yesterday. I am absolutely certain that if it weren’t for Scott, instead of owning my home, I would be packing a moving truck right now to rent from someone else. He is professional, committed and courteous and will be there with you every single step of the way. I would recommend him to anyone/everyone looking to purchase a home, refinance etc. Whatever your needs may be, Scott is your man. Even if you have been told no to a home loan in the past, don’t give up just yet. As a wise man once told me, and now I will pass it on to you, “call Scott RIGHT NOW!”, you won’t be let down!


That is AMAZING copy, and it was written by a total amateur.

Sure, the grammar isn’t great. It could use some tightening up.

But it’s dripping with drama, pain and genuine excitement. What a great ad!

Here’s a little trade secret:

One reason professional copywriters can command the big bucks is we know how to “get out of the way” and let the story tell itself.

When you’re selling a great product, that’s often all it takes.

It’s simple—but it’s not always easy.

You’re fighting against years of bad conditioning—from reading bad writing, and from teachers who forced you to develop bad habits.

That’s where I’d like to help.

As a charter member of my new coaching program, I’ll show you how to clear away the cobwebs and find YOUR story.

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