How to ‘Brain Hack’ Your Ideal Customers

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sit down with your BEST prospects…

And have them tell you **exactly** what to say to them to make them perk up and give your product the attention it deserves?

Yesterday I did the next best thing.

This was for a big sales page I’m writing. The product is a course that helps software developers land their dream job.

My ideal customer is a programmer who feels trapped in a miserable job. What I’ve been having trouble figuring out is exactly WHY he hates his job so much.

Here’s what I did:

With my free Survey Monkey account, I assembled a quick 3-question survey:

“How satisfied are you with your job?”

“If you could wave a magic wand and change anything about your current job, what would you change?”

“In what ways would your life improve if you found your ideal job?”

Then I whipped up a quick email about how I was doing a drawing for a free copy of a book to anyone who filled out this survey.

The whole thing took maybe 1-2 hours.

When I sent out the email, the responses POURED in.

Almost 7% of the email list took the survey. (It’s hard to get 7% of your list to click a link, let alone fill out a survey.)

I spent all day yesterday going through page after page of results.

The insights I gained from this are pure gold. The subscribers poured out their hearts and told me in painful detail what they hate about their current job—and what their “dream job” would look like.

By far the most consistent reason why developers are unhappy is:

“My boss is a moron.”

In hindsight that seems painfully obvious. It was on my list, but I didn’t realize just how important that point was.

Any guesses where my sales message will start?

Now there’s a nasty little problem with surveys like this.

You’ll get responses from all over the map—including tons of answers from people who would NEVER in a million years buy your product.

If you follow these loud voices, you can wander down a dark alley, and even alienate your best customers.

So how do you make sure you’re listening to the right voices?

The method I use is based around a simple formula for filtering and ranking the responses.

With this approach you can easily figure out who is likely to buy from you and who won’t.

This technique was developed by a world-renowned expert in human psychology, and it’s spelled out in chapter 21 of 80/20 Sales and Marketing titled “80/20 Market Research in a Single Afternoon.”

This chapter also details step-by-step how you can do a survey like the one I’m describing.

Details here: