Longer vs. shorter?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to making a deadline-driven offer to your email list.

One approach says:

People need time to consume all the content you’re sending out.

Setting a longer “open cart” window allows your subscribers time to get more value from the content, which generates more interest in your offer, and leads to more sales.

With this approach you might run your promotion for 7-10 days, with an email going out every day or every other day.

Your subscribers have time to go through all of your content without getting overwhelmed.

The other approach is more like “shock ‘n’ awe.”

The underlying philosophy here is that the deadline itself is the main driver of sales.

So you send multiple emails per day and keep the “open cart” window tight, maybe as little as 48 hours.

I had the opportunity to split test this—and the result was quite revealing.

More next time.