Dead subscribers

In the last year, I’ve deleted 80,004 email subscribers from one of the email lists I manage.

That’s more subscribers than are currently on the list.

Why on earth would I do this?

Well if you pay attention to the behavior of your email subscribers, you’ll start to see that there’s a pretty large segment of your list that is completely dead.

They don’t open.

They don’t read.

They don’t click.

They don’t reply.

They sure as heck don’t become clients.

They DO cost you money every month.

And from my conversations with pros in the know, they DO hurt your deliverability.

Meaning that fewer emails arrive in the inboxes of the subscribers that actually want them.

At least that’s the theory.

What if that’s wrong though?

What if there was some wheat in with the chaff that I so callously deleted?

What if I got overzealous and threw away thousands of potential customers in my desire to keep the list clean?

Recently I got to put this to the test—to see first hand whether it’s possible to resurrect these dead subscribers and get them to take action…

Or whether they really are dead and gone forever.

More tomorrow.