You did WHAT?!?

A lot of people disagree with my stance on deleting inactive subscribers.

I’ll admit it is a bit…


Why would you delete people from your list when you worked so hard to get them to subscribe in the first place?

And isn’t there a chance that you might make a mistake and delete some potential clients in the process?

One of the skeptics is my business partner, John.

Last fall he got concerned about the huge number of subscribers I’d deleted from our list.

We decided to try a test:

I compiled a list of all 80,004 subscribers that we’d removed from our main list.

Then we imported them into MailChimp and sent out a series of 13 emails over a period of about 30 days to see how the pruned subscribers would respond.

First we sent an email promoting our most popular lead magnet, with a “one-click subscribe” link—essentially an invitation to rejoin the party with one click.

Then we sent a series of 6 emails offering a pretty insane deal on our digital products: a bundle of 5 courses with a real-world value of over $1000 at the fire-sale price of $99.

Then we sent a series of 6 other emails with our most successful affiliate offers.

So that’s 80,004 subscribers.

13 emails.

Wanna take a stab at what happened?