Brad proves me wrong?

My recent experiment with “early bird” pricing seems to show that it’s not a great fit for a product launch with a short sales window.

Reader Brad Farris has a counter example:

I have a client who offers live, in-person, courses. They have a much longer on-sale period (3 months). Adding an additional deadline significantly increased their sales.

This is traditionally how early bird pricing has been used.

When you have a big event that’s several months out, you can create a series of early bird offers leading up to the event.

And you can devote several days to promoting each of them.

You’re essentially “relaunching” the event several times.

By spacing the promotions out like this you’re giving your list a bit of a break.

And a number of your subscribers will see the circumstances in their life change and suddenly take an interest in your offer.

This “rest and reset” time is a huge factor—and it’s something you just can’t cram into an 8-day product launch.