You rip-off!

Some guy sent me a nasty reply to one of my daily emails:

From: Zoki

Subject: You ripped off Brennan!

Body: Couldn’t get more creative than Brennan’s headline?

Apparently the subject line I used that day was similar to one that Brennan Dunn has used in the past.

Oh noes, I’m a plagiarist!

Once upon a time something like this would have ruined my day.

Putting a little piece of yourself out in the world can be tough.

You’re poking your head up above the weeds—and when you’re communicating with hundreds or thousands of people, chances are good someone’s going to decide it’s their job to cut you back down to size.

Well, Zoki failed on that front.

I unsubscribed him from my list.

You should always welcome constructive criticism or even disagreements from readers.

As for needlessly aggressive trolls—well, membership on your list is a privilege that’s easily revoked.