Would Your Emails Survive an ‘Inbox Massacre’?

Right now I’m wrapping up this 30-day boost-your-productivity challenge.

One of the first assignments was to do a massive “inbox purge”—unsubscribing from all the email lists that aren’t bringing immediate value.

I unsubscribed from something like 90-100 lists!


I highly recommend this exercise. You can think much more clearly when your attention isn’t being pulled in 100 different directions all the time.

(And yes, I fully appreciate the irony of an email marketer telling you to unsubscribe from email lists. That’s how you know this exercise is worth doing.)

Reader Chad is doing this 30-day challenge too.

He writes:

Hey Josh, I deleted a ton of emails during Perry’s Reboot, but kept yours. They are very easy to read. The boat/diet coke story was really good. I know how to use stories like this in talks at church, but translating them to the page is not quite the same thing.

I’m intrigued by this course. What comes with the course?

The “course” Chad’s asking about is the Behind the Scenes of a Six-Figure Email Course presentation that I’ve been yammering about for the last couple of weeks.

And here’s how it’s going to work:

This session is really an in-depth case study of a live email course sales funnel. I plan to share my screen and walk through the “backend” part of the email course, so you can see what the parts are and the mechanics of how I have everything set up.

Then I’m going to dive into the copy itself and show how the pieces of the course connect and work together to generate sales.

I’ll also share some of my best copywriting tips to help you write emails that can survive an “inbox massacre” like Chad just did.

I expect we’ll go somewhere between 60 to 90 minutes, then I’ll take as many questions as you want to lob at me.

Everyone who registers will get a downloadable copy of the recording.

As a bonus you’ll also get the copy from the email campaign we’ll be dissecting.

Plus 1-2 other bonuses that I’m cooking up.

This class will be all content, no pitch (although I will probably mention the full-bore 4-6 week class I’ll be piloting soon on this topic).

I’ve done several interviews and webinars on this topic, and I always get great feedback.

This will be the most in-depth presentation I’ve done.

If email is at all important to your business, it’ll be worth your $29 (and more importantly, your valuable time).

The train leaves soon—climb aboard here: