The ultimate iPhone app for writers (and anyone else who works with words)

There’s an app I’ve always wanted for my phone.

With this app, I could tap one icon and just start writing.

No futzing around with filling in note titles.

Or entering email addresses.

Or digging around in folders.

This app would be just a scratchpad for dumping out words. And when I was done, I could decide what to do with what I’d written.

Maybe I’d email it to myself as a to-do.

I might save it at the end of a text file of random ideas and inspirations.

I could even turn it into a standalone document as an email or a blog post.

I have literally tried dozens of apps, and none of them came close to offering the kind of flexibility I wanted.

That is, until now.

I just discovered the ultimate writer’s tool for iPhone and iPad.

It’s called Drafts.

With Drafts, I just launch the app and start writing (in Markdown, of course, we’re civilized, after all). No need to think of a file name or document title, or figure out where I want to save it in Dropbox.

My notes sync seamlessly between my iPad and iPhone via iCloud.

Nice, but that’s not the best part.

This app is HACKABLE.

I can create custom “actions,” which are sequences of things that I want to happen together.

For example, I created one that allows me to copy a snippet of text, then paste it into a new Drafts doc and, with a swipe and a tap, append it to the end of a “swipe file” that I keep in Google Drive.

I have wanted to be able to do that for YEARS.

I can also create custom actions to post text to Twitter. Or email it to my frequent contacts. Or create a calendar event.

You can even write your own custom features in JavaScript, if that’s your thing.

This app is revolutionizing the way I work.

If you use iOS and work with words, it’s worth your time and $4.99 to take it for a spin:

P.S. Nope, that’s not an affiliate link. Just couldn’t keep this one to myself.