The MailChimp monkey gets a run for his money

I got seduced by the friendly monkey and the pretty UI.

It didn’t take long for the ugly cracks to start showing through that fresh coat of paint.

“Oh, you want to send a welcome email with lead magnet A to these subscribers, and a different message with lead magnet B to those subscribers?

“Good luck with that!”

“Wait, you want your HTML emails to look like PLAIN TEXT, not a glossy brochure from the dentist’s office?

“Let us know how that works out for ya.”

Anytime I wanted to do something other than sending my weekly newsletter, I braced for hand-to-hand combat.

I even started to hate that stupid monkey mascot…

Those painful memories are why I still get a little thrill of joy every time I log into my Drip account.

Any email marketing scenario I’ve cooked up, Drip has easily been able to handle.

But sometimes it got a little confusing…

Like recently, I had this email series I set up.

When the last email in the series went out, I wanted to remove subscribers from the email sequence and add them to my daily email list.

I created an automation rule to do this.

Except, instead of putting the subscribers onto my daily email list, I accidentally set it up to add them back to the original email series.

Endless loop. Ha hah!

Drip’s automation rules are powerful, but it’s sometimes tough to get them working just so.

Well, not anymore.

The Drip team just released their new “visual workflow designer.”

This designer lets you map out your email automation sequences in a diagram, like a flow chart, so it’s crystal clear what happens and when.

I got to test drive this feature before it launched, and I love love love it.

Drip founder Rob Walling put together this video that shows these new workflows in action:

If you find yourself frustrated with your current email software, you just got one more reason to check out Drip…

Get a free 30-day trial here:

Benjamin Houy - July 1, 2016

This looks very cool. I’m gonna give it a try. I’m currently using Convertkit, but I like that Drip would give me more personalization options;

    Josh Earl - July 1, 2016

    Sounds good, Ben. Drip continues to impress and amaze me. Great software, and the team is very responsive to requests from us users. 🙂

      Benjamin Houy - July 1, 2016

      I just signed up with your affiliate link. I can’t wait to get started 🙂

        Josh Earl - July 1, 2016

        Awesome—let me know if you have any questions.

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