The “Garage Hack” For Creating Sales Funnels Fast

On the rural dirt road where I spent my teen years, there was this weird “house.”

The guy who lived there didn’t have enough money to build a house the traditional way…

You know, dig out the basement, pour a foundation, frame out the living room and kitchen and bedrooms, put on a roof…

What he did instead was kind of ingenious:

He built a GARAGE.

And he walled off and insulated part of the garage to make a small but functional apartment that he could live in while he saved up enough money to build the rest of the house.

In other words, he built something that was completely functional—but lacked all the bells and whistles that you’d want to have long term in a really comfortable home.

Recently I was talking to my buddy Derick about a sales funnel he’s putting together.

He’s been working on this project for weeks now, and he feels like there’s no end in sight…

First he has to finish the email course he’s rewriting with my help.

Then he has to create a “flash sale” sequence to go after the course.

Then he has to put together a sales video for the thank-you page.

Then he has to get tracking set up, and then, and then…

Derick brought up the analogy of building a house, and said it’s like he’s gotten to the point where the walls are up and the roof is on, but there’s still months of work left to go before the home is habitable.

My suggestion was:

Build a “garage.”

Don’t wait until you have the whole funnel built before you start rolling pieces of it out to your customers.

The bare minimum here is the email course itself and a popup on his site to get people to sign up.

He could have all that done a week or so.

Then while he’s working on the rest of the “house,” he’s getting feedback from his subscribers on how the email course is work.

Are they clicking?

Are they buying?

When the rest of his funnel is done, he’ll have enough information about the course to circle back around and make any necessary tweaks to get the whole thing humming.

Build what you need today, then add on.

Who knows—maybe you’ll realize you can actually live without the two-story solarium and indoor Olympic pool.