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Three ‘Get More Website Traffic’ Strategies That Work in 2017

Chad has a bone to pick with me. Recently I responded to another subscriber who was looking for a quick way to share blog posts and score some easy traffic, and my response bummed Chad out: Strange email this time, Josh. I’d put this one in the “negative promise” category. MeetEdgar — doesn’t sound like […]

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How to Get More Traffic From the Blog Posts You Write

One of my biggest frustrations with online marketing is how the rules keep shifting. It can start to feel like you’re on a treadmill where every 60 seconds the speed automatically increases 0.1 mph. A brisk walk turns into a steady jog which turns into an all-out sprint—and all this just to stay in one […]

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The Social Media Joyride Hits the Brick Wall

Right now I’m running a little social media “experiment.” There’s this site called Medium.com that seems kinda cool. The idea is, you write a great blog post and publish it on Medium. And when a handful of people read and “recommend” your post, Medium gives you a boost—they make your post go viral. At least […]

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