Should You ‘Outsource’ Your Marketing? (Part 2)

An entrepreneur I know named Aziz recently asked me about bringing in a “hired gun” marketing manager to help him grow his online training biz.

Immediately the red flags went up for me.

Here’s why:

It’s one thing to start a side business that brings in a couple of thousand per month.

It’s an entirely different matter to build a business engine that’s capable of scaling to $10K or $20K a month and beyond.

This is *not* a knock on Aziz by any means—

Having gutted through this very thing myself, my hat is off to anyone who has the grit to go from $0 to $2K.

That’s more than 95% of people will ever manage.

However, this is also a point where a lot of people tend to get stuck.

I believe this “sticking point” is often caused by an undisciplined approach to marketing your business.

Not that you’re not working hard.

You might be marketing your fingers to the bone.

Often the problem is that you’re working 20 different channels in an effort to “be everywhere”…

So much so that you’re diluting your efforts to the point where none of it can reach critical mass.

Jack of all Trades, etc.

And because you feel so scattered, the temptation is to strong to “bring in a professional.”

Let them run in the marketing hamster wheel while you focus on more important things.



In the strongest possible way, NO.

The problem isn’t “I need more hands to help swab the deck.”

The problem is:

You aren’t even sure WHICH deck to swab.

You haven’t yet found a systematic, repeatable, SCALABLE way to consistently bring in a steady flow of customers.

Scalable meaning, if you turn the crank at 10 RPM, you get 10 customers. If you want 50 customers, you just have to turn the crank at 50 RPM.

Solving THAT problem is critical for breaking the $2K plateau.

And it’s highly, HIGHLY unlikely that a “hired gun” will be able to solve it for you.

Which is why I asked Aziz:

“What is your strategy to scale this up?”

His answer did not satisfy me…

(more tomorrow)