Sent an Email, They Didn’t Buy. What Next?

Subscriber Taylor writes:

Hey Joshua, love the content.

After someone has gone through an email course and gotten a hard pitch, how long do you wait before pitching the product to them again?

The thing to keep in mind when it comes to pitching is this:

If your subscriber doesn’t buy, they haven’t said “No.”

The only real “no” when it comes to emails is an unsubscribe. (And even then they sometimes come back.)

What your subscriber really said is, “Not right now.”

This itch isn’t all that itchy today.

And that “not right now” group is a big chunk of the buyers on your list—up to half of the people who will eventually make a purchase will do so AFTER the first 60 days.

What I’d suggest you do next depends on an X-factor though, which is:

How complex is your business?

If you have a simple business model where you’re mainly offering one product or service, there is NOTHING wrong with just rolling right along and continuing to do “soft sell” pitches for the same exact thing.

Try a different angle designed to appeal to a different slice of your list.

Same itch, different scratch.

Keep showing up consistently and eventually when they’re ready to buy they’ll come to you first.

If you have a more complex business, with multiple related products or services on offer, then you might move on and pitch something else for a while.

In this case it’s different itch, different scratch.

That’s what I do at Simple Programmer—keeps things interesting and unpredictable.

You never know which itch they’re feeling RIGHT NOW, but when you find it…

Instant sale.