More cowbell

The oldest con in marketing is:

“Just give it more time—it will start to work as you get more repetitions.”

That line is responsible for more wasted time and marketing dollars than just about anything else.

Case in point:

I once tested out a way of collecting email optins that I’d seen promoted by several gurus.

Pretty quickly I noticed that I was getting “optins” all right—hundreds of them, in fact.

Yet after three weeks on my list, they’d barely opened a single email.

The vendor I was working with at the time said, “Don’t give up on this. They just need to be nurtured some more.”

In other words, more cowbell.

In marketing, when you’re doing something and hearing nothing but crickets—don’t assume that you just need more time and “impressions.”

If you send an offer to 1,000 people and get very little interest, sending 49 more emails isn’t likely to improve things.

Step back and evaluate:

Are you adding high quality subscribers to your list?

Is your offer on point?

Your list is telling you something—and it’s NOT “we want more cowbell.”