How to Skyrocket Your Email Open Rates with the ‘Uncle Sam Formula’

A few weeks back a client emailed me to say how he could hardly believe the open rate on one of the emails I’d written for him.

This client has a list that’s normally very active and engaged.

But the subject line I wrote for this particular email set his list buzzing like I’d whacked a nest of hornets with a stick.

The open rate on that message was more than 30% higher than usual.

When he told me that, I just smiled, because I was expecting it.

This particular subject line used a tried and true approach that I call my “Uncle Sam Formula.”

It’s one of the tricks in my bag that I reach for whenever I want to wake up a sleepy list.

I used this technique a little while back to kick off a product launch that brought in $45,000 in 36 hours.

I explain all the details in my column for, titled:

Do Your Marketing Emails Prompt ‘Inbox Blindness’?