How to Give More Value in Your Marketing Emails

Ask 10 online entrepreneurs how they build a relationship with their email list and I’ll bet you a hundred bucks the answer is:

“Give VALUE.”

And I can’t quibble with that.

Every email you send should leave your readers feeling like they’re coming away with something they can use.

The trouble is, many entrepreneurs have a warped, narrow view of what it really means to “give value.”

A lot of people take this idea to mean constantly dishing out step-by-step, actionable info and tips.

Teach everything you know.”

So they create an email course on the 17 steps to creating a custom PhotoShop filter…

Then they’re confused when their subscribers don’t bust out the credit cards for their $497 PhotoShop Master Class.

Here’s the problem:

“Value” is relative.

If gold was so plentiful that you drank Diet Coke out of 24-karat cans…

How much value would YOU put on an ounce of gold?

How-to information is everywhere.

Your subscribers are drowning in it.

So ask yourself, what’s more valuable?

Another step-by-step tutorial that’s destined to wind up on your miles-long to-do list…

Or a single principle, conveyed in a story that sticks in your mind and instantly changes the way you think about a problem?

I’m not saying there’s no place for teaching.

What I am saying is that “value” is much broader than most people realize.

It’s an empathetic word shared at the right time.

It’s a story that makes you laugh while forever etching an important idea in your memory.

It’s a rant that gets your blood boiling and finally gets you out of your chair and TAKING ACTION.

In a world where how-to information is as free as oxygen, often the highest value you can provide is to be the voice of wisdom…

The person your subscribers turn to to make sense of it all, who shows them not just what they *could* do, but what they SHOULD do.

Is this more difficult than “5 Quick SEO Hacks to Skyrocket Your Rankings”?

For sure.

But then who ever said relationships were EASY?