How To Become A 6-Figure Copywriter: My Interview With Marketing Guru Perry Marshall

The first time I heard about this strange thing called “copywriting,” something inside me said, “YES! That’s for me.”

And so naturally I ran away.

I hid behind all kinds of rationalizations.

“You could never do that.”

“You’re not a good enough writer.”

“It’s too hard—and too risky.”

But one day something happened that woke me up like a bucket of ice water to the face…

Recently I got the opportunity to tell the whole story on a webinar with my marketing mentor Perry Marshall.

The webinar is titled How To Make (At Least) $100K Per Year With Consulting.

The offer you’ll hear us discuss has expired, but there’s so much gold in the interview that I want to share it anyway.

If you’d like to get more clients for you business…

Or if you’re interested in becoming a consultant…

Or if you’ve ever found yourself running away from the very thing that you knew you wanted most…

I think you’ll enjoy this interview.