How important is the list?

Yesterday I described how I was troubleshooting an email campaign that had rolled into day 2 with ZERO sales.

I had all but ruled out a technical issue, which point the great big fat finger of blame at price as the likely culprit.

So I talked the affiliate into trying a crazy test—temporarily dropping the price from $499 to $99.

He made the change around lunchtime, and in less time than it takes to wolf down a tuna sandwich, we got our first sale.


Now we knew that the funnel was working just fine from a technical standpoint.

And we knew that price was the major reason that we hadn’t seen any sales so far.

Once that first sale came in, I had him put the price back up to where we started—I knew the scarcity effect of the final day countdown would bring in a few more sales.

We ended the day with a total of 7 sales, including 5 at the higher price.

Here’s the amazing thing:

This exact same course and exact sales page brought in $75,000 less than 3 months ago.

The offer converted at roughly 2.7%.

The conversion rate for my list?


To be clear, this offer is relevant to my list.

Yet his list outperformed mine by 27,000%.

Twenty-seven thousand percent!

The difference though is that the course author built his list by focusing SOLELY on this micro-niche topic.

While my list has the right demographics on the surface, only a tiny fraction of them are interested in this topic.

I talk a lot about the importance of the list in a campaign like this.

This is why.