“Did I mention I was on TV?”

A while back a friend of mine, Josh Doody, got interviewed on BBC News.

He was wondering:

How should I leverage the video to build trust and sell stuff?

That’s kind of a big deal and I feel like I should use it to show folks I’m an expert to help boost early sales, but I’m not QUITE sure how/where/when to leverage it. Ideas?

First of all, nicely done.

Even though TV appearances like this often don’t lead directly to any new business, they’re a huge authority booster.

So how to deploy this?

The ideal time to use a proof element like this is after your prospect is familiar with what you’re offering and they’re trying to decide if they trust you enough to pull the trigger.

And it’s best if you bring it in indirectly.

Rather than saying, “I appeared on BBC News,” you might do an email where you raise a question, then say, “I got asked that same question when I appeared on BBC News…”

Then summarize your answer, and link out to the video.

That way you’re almost mentioning the interview almost as an afterthought, rather than bragging about it.

Let the reader draw their own conclusions—much more powerful that way.