The Copywriter’s Bookshelf

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Many of these classics are 50 or even 100 years old—but don’t let that stop you.

Pretty much everything important there is to know about copywriting and marketing had already been discovered by 1900.

These books have stood the test of time. They’re how you cut through all the noise and garbage on the Internet these days. If someone’s telling you something that contradicts these timeless principles, well, hang on to your wallet, cuz you’re about to get sold a load of B.S….

Each book in this first section is worth rereading every single year.

The Boron Letters

My Life In Advertising/Scientific Advertising

Tested Advertising Methods

How to Write a Good Advertisement

The Robert Collier Letter Book

Breakthrough Advertising

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80/20 Sales and Marketing

Great Leads

And For Extra Credit Read These

Hooked On You: The Genius Way To Make Anybody Read Anything