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I still remember the fear
the day I launched my
first product online...

My stomach churned with the anticipation and anxiety.

Would anyone buy?

And then this happened:

As those emails continued to flood in over the next 48 hours, my mind was racing.

My email list was growing FAST, and I was thinking of ways to grow it even faster so I could sell more books and, maybe in a year or two—finally quit my day job to run my online business full time.

I was on cloud 9!

But My Euphoria Didn't Last Long...

Things... didn't exactly go according to plan.

After the launch, sales dropped off.

That was OK, I was expecting that.

What caught me completely off guard, though, was how they KEPT dropping...

Even though my email list and web traffic were growing like crazy.

People would sign up for my email list, read all the emails, reply to tell me how much they enjoyed them...

Do everything except BUY.

I couldn't seem to turn my email list growth into sales.

And my income kept falling falling, month after month.

I felt like I was watching my dream slowly wither and die on the vine.

I tried everything I could think of:

I gave away free chapters from the book.

I changed up the format of my emails, sending out a weekly newsletter loaded with helpful tips and links (and a friendly reminder to buy my book).

I even tried sending out daily emails pitching the book for more than a month.

My subscribers complained, my list growth went into a nosedive shrank from all the unsubscribes, and the few extra sales I made were NOT worth all the extra work.

Finally I decided to do the only other thing I could think of to get my income growing again:

I launched another product.

(And I'll bet you know exactly where this is going...)

Good news! Launch #2 went even better!

As it should—my audience was bigger, I had more traffic.

Had I finally turned the corner?


After Launch #2, sales once again cratered, leaving my monthly income exactly the same!

Why the $#%# is it so hard to just make CONSISTENT sales?

As I searched for a solution to this, I talked to a LOT of other online entrepreneurs...

And I realized that my experience is actually pretty typical.

The huge majority of online entrepreneurs seem to live from product launch to product launch, suffering through long, dusty "income droughts" in between products.

I even have a nickname for these entrepreneurs:

"Product Launch Camels."

When you're a "PLC," you're always just looking to survive until the next gulp of water...

The Launch-Stagnate-Launch Treadmill...
What a Miserable Way
to Run a Business!

By this time I was determined to find a way to escape this trap.

From my successful product launches, I knew that my email list was a key piece of the puzzle.

My subscribers WOULD buy, under the right circumstances.

I also knew that they didn't respond well to the "standard" email marketing tactics.

As I thought about it, I realized that a lot of the conventional wisdom about email marketing doesn't come from "real" businesses...

Instead it comes from crafty Internet Marketers... selling courses on Internet Marketing... to other Internet Marketers.

My audience is NOT a drooling horde of get-rich-quick junkies longing for their next fix...

The products I sell are aimed at software developers.

Logical, level-headed, analytical, cautious to a fault.

And notoriously skeptical of anything that bears even the faintest whiff of "marketing."

So the question became:

How can I make more sales... 
More consistently...
To a REAL audience...
AND forge a strong, lasting relationship with my subscribers?

I spent the next 3 years trying to solve this riddle.

I studied marketing and copywriting.

I spent thousands on courses and seminars.

I hired coaches and mentors.I experimented, and I tested...

And Then... I Found the Answer I'd Been Looking For

And wouldn't you know it, it had been right under my nose the whole time:

Email Courses

See, my audience of programmers doesn't respond well to marketing hype.

They want cold, hard information—"just the facts, ma'am."

And if you get too sales-y they'll turn right around and run the other way.

What I discovered in email courses is a way to give my audience the free, in-depth information they craved...

While also making a powerful case for the product I'm offering...

WITHOUT sounding like the snakeskin-shod salesman from Honest Joe's Pre-Owned Car Emporium.

And Guess What—It Worked!

I'm using this approach for almost every email campaign I create these days.

Even in my skeptical, wary market, subscribers love these email courses.

The open and click rates stay sky high throughout.

I regularly get frantic emails from people who are afraid they missed an "installment."

And most importantly, I make CONSISTENT sales (sometimes so consistent it's almost as boring as collecting a paycheck).

Want to Learn More?

Figuring all this out took me a lot of trial and error.

But I also got a LOT of help along the way from other serious, real-world marketers.

So in the spirit of "pay it forward," I decided to put together a no-cost, 9-day class that outlines my approach to email courses.

This class is completely free.

 When you enroll, I'll walk you through the minefield of mistakes I made and show you how you can put together your very own profitable email course.

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