“It’s so hard to find a B2B copywriter who can understand our software and tell a good story.”

That’s what a VP of marketing at a fast-growing software company told me recently.

And I’ve definitely felt her pain myself … first as an overloaded marketing publications manager and again as an editor for one of the top software development websites on the Internet.

So many writers just …

  • Go glassy-eyed with complex or technical topics … then peck out dull, shallow copy that puts readers to sleep…
  • Think that “in-depth research” means clicking links 4 and 5 in Google…
  • Spazz out when a client makes edits or asks for changes…
  • “Go dark” as deadlines whizz by…

If you have this problem, I can help.

That’s because I have an unusual background for a writer…

In addition to being a nationally published journalist and trained copywriter, I’m also a senior software developer with 6 years of experience building web and mobile applications.

This blend of experience allows me to:

  • Quickly grasp complex topics
  • Conduct in-depth interviews to uncover the details and quotes that bring a story to life
  • Hit deadlines
  • Spin stories that engage readers
  • Collaborate with clients and their customers to make sure everyone is happy with the finished product

Here’s what one client had to say about me:

Working with Josh Earl provided me with a resource to take complicated issues and concepts and convey them in a way that diverse audiences could comprehend. Josh isn’t just a skilled writer; he’s an effective communicator whose messaging can stir the hearts and minds of those he engages.

“It’s a special talent who can take technical information and articulate it so that any reader can understand and take action on it–and Josh Earl has that unique finesse.”

– Sam Siple, Nashville, Tennessee

So if you’re looking for a B2B copywriter who can tell your story and engage your audience with case studies, white papers and other content, contact me today to get started.