This Email Needs an Emergency Root Canal

Email copy clinic is in session. Recently I was working with an entrepreneur, who I’ll call Sam. Sam has a 7-figure business providing marketing services for small businesses—mostly dentists. He’s a superstar marketer in a lot of ways—but his autoresponder sequence is a massive pile of fail. That’s why he was talking to me. Dentists […]

“It’s Not Long Enough”

Got a voicemail from a client the other day, wondering about the copy I’d written for his sales page: “Is this all, or were you planning to write more?” he asked. “I thought it would be longer.” If you hang around with marketers for even a little while, you’ll discover that there’s a HUGE debate […]

Kill the “Powered by KingSumo” Badge on Your Giveaway Landing Page

One common question I get is this: “How do I remove the ‘Powered by KingSumo’ badge on my giveaway landing page?” People are nervous about their competitors noticing what they’re doing and spinning up a giveaway of their own. That’s understandable–after all, I found out about KingSumo Giveaways from clicking that very badge on a […]

How to Create Your Own Viral Giveaway with KingSumo

To run a contest with the KingSumo Giveaways plugin, here’s what you need: A website or blog that runs on WordPress The ability to install WordPress plugins ( sites won’t work) The ability to send emails from your website. Installing the KingSumo plugin KingSumo Giveaways is a premium WordPress plugin, and it installs just like […]

Table flips and karate punches

At my day job (I’m a programmer when I’m not writing sales copy), we talk to other remote team members with an instant message program called HipChat. It includes some fun “emoticons,” including this one: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Can you see it? The little dude flipping the table in rage? Lately I’ve been using that icon […]

4 ways to jump start a new email list with a small budget

I’m a member of a small Google group that likes to talk about marketing, and recently one of the members, James, posed an interesting question. One of his clients is a novelist who is trying to build an email list to help market a novel. And James has no idea where to start: Assuming I […]

How an old copywriting trick can get your ideas heard

During my workout this morning at the local YMCA, I noticed a couple of the other lifters gathered around a small placard on the decline bench press station. I hit pause on The Fizzle Show (awesome podcast, by the way, you should subscribe) and wandered closer to hear what was going on. The little card, […]